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Foreign Investor Program

Luvanex is committed to impacting lives and providing a quality experience for our real estate investors by providing each client a unique and outstanding level of service. As much as we enjoy working with savvy investors, we also find fulfillment in helping most of our long-term tenants switch over to homeownership. We’ve helped couples and young families settle into their first homes and walked hand in hand with first time sellers, guiding them each step of the way to closing and moving on to the next big home they’ve worked so hard to live in.

The Foreign Investor Program was created by Luvanex Realty Group. Our goal is to open up the real estate investment landscape in the United States to more foreign investors in Africa, Asia and other parts of the World by providing the ease of doing business in one of the most prestigious markets in the World. Prior to this day and age, Luvanex Realty served and is still serving international investors from various countries including Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, India, China, Jamaica, Colombia and a few others. These investors had to purchase their properties cash (no financing) primarily because they had no formal ties (such as citizenship or residency status) in the United States of America. With the launch of this program, we hope to redefine the way international investors do business in SouthEastern region of the United States of America,

Luvanex Realty Group is a fully licensed and accredited real estate investment firm headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. Created in Atlanta, Georgia, Luvanex as a company, has been in operation since February 2007. Having identified one of the fastest growing cities in America, we opened up our doors for business in Charlotte, North Carolina and made the Queen City our headquarters in July 2017. Our operations span throughout the metro counties in both Atlanta & Charlotte with a key focus on a one hour commute from the heart of the downtown locations. As a one stop shop we are adequately positioned to answer all your real estate needs from locating a property (Luvanex Realty) to placing qualified tenants (Luvanex Rentals). We also operate a fully serviced Investment Home Repair business under Luvanex Home Repairs as well as an Eviction Service through Attorney Representation at Luvanex Eviction Services.. We are currently in the process of establishing a Syndicate solely for international investors (through Luvanex Holdings) with a key focus on commercial and multi-family investment acquisitions in the cities we operate in. It is important to note that all Luvanex Subsidiaries serve as independent units within the Organization and each function as an ancillary service to our main core business – buying , selling and leasing real estate. This investment strategy was adopted in May 2009 to better aid us in serving each international investor as well as maximize investment returns by reducing cost and ensuring operations run efficiently to serve the families we lease each investment property to on behalf of our investor owners.

The benefits of the Foreign Investor Program are extensive and undeniable. A foreign investor now only gets to put down 30% as a down-payment in the process of obtaining a Non QM loan to purchase a house. In most cases the 30% equivalent may not translate to the amount of funds needed to purchase a property in the various home countries of the populations we serve. This essentially means, no documentation necessary besides a passport bio-data page and one month bank statement. You also get to close on the new property at the nearest U.S Embassy in your home country or assign power of attorney to your next of kin to close on your behalf. Once the property closes, we move it along to Luvanex Home Repairs, to evaluate for minor repairs /changes that may be necessary to make the property tenantable so it may serve its long-term purpose as a primary residence for growing families. The property is then passed on to our next subsidiary company called Luvanex Rentals to ensure tenant placement services as well as property management services are rendered in a timely and professional manner. Luvanex follows through with a transparent process to ensure accountability and validate the integrity of our service to you. Tenants are vetted thoroughly as we conduct credit, background, employment verifications for any applicant on your rental property. We commit ourselves to delivering the best service by assigning one of our in-house real estate agents to handle your investment affairs and report back to you on an ongoing basis.
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