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Expanding Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio


Are you an active Real Estate Investor? Do you live in a completely different city from where you own your investment properties? If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions listed above, we’d like to talk to you. Luvanex Group was created with one goal in mind; “Helping Real Estate Investors function more efficiently”. We are a One Stop Shop Solution for the needs of Investors who function primarily within Atlanta, Georgia & Charlotte, North Carolina.

Read through our service offering listed below, then fill out the contact form or give us a call to receive a free, no obligation, phone consultation. Let’s see if we are a good fit for your real estate investment goals.

Some of our services which you may need during the course of investing in Atlanta or Charlotte include:

  • Eviction Services: Under Luvanex Eviction, we help landlords, real estate investors, property managers and apartment management companies file evictions on non-paying tenants. Visit www.luvanexeviction.com for more information. This service is available for both Residential & Commercial Properties.
  • - Corporate Housing Services: Luvanex Corporate Housing is the subsidiary branch of Luvanex Group that manages furnished luxury condos, townhomes and lakehouses for the new breed of savvy Real Estate Investors who are moving away from the traditional landlord blueprint. Luvanex Group manages these investments consistently with an outstanding performance and track record on each property. It’s typical for these investors to realize3-4 times of the average revenue their properties would have pulled in had it been rented through a fixed term lease. Visit www.luvanexcorporatehousing.com for more information
  • - Investment Home Renovation Services: Our home renovation services was created to ease the burden of out of state landlords who could not be physically present to oversee the renovation costs of their properties when a tenant moved out. Luvanex has consistently provided very competitive quotes to help these investors turn their properties around and get back on track producing rental income. You may sign up at www.luvanexhomerepair.com
  • Luvanex Rentals: Our property management operation remains the longest running and biggest service we offer. Luvanex manages a few hundred properties for investors who live out of the country and out of our states of operation. Visit us at www.luvanex.com to get started.
  • Luvanex Holdings: Are you an aggressive investor looking to acquire cheaply discounted properties? Register with us at www.luvanexholdings.com and we’ll send out a list of deals we get.

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Home Repairs
Corporate Housing
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