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An Intelligent Approach to Real Estate Acquisition, Sales & Management



Our mission at Luvanex Realty is to provide an outstanding level of service through expert-knowledge of the markets we operate in. We are dedicated to continuously innovating our processes, systems and performance in order to consistently meet the highest standards of performance in the real estate industry.


Our vision is to achieve the highest possible standards of practice within the real estate industry while establishing Luvanex as the preferred provider within the Charlotte & Atlanta areas.

Luvanex was established on February 7th, 2007 in the city of Atlanta as a real estate investment business. After acquiring our first few properties, we quickly realized that we were passionate about helping guide the investment decisions of Real Estate Investors and first time homebuyers or sellers. Since then we’ve expanded into the Charlotte North Carolina market and our service offerings have also been revised to touch on the most popular issues faced by real estate investors and homeowners. Currently, we offer Real Estate Sales; Tenant Placement Services in line with Property Management; Eviction Filing & Processing Services for apartments, property managers as well as solo investors; VRBO/Airbnb Unit Management (Corporate Housing) Services; Investment Home Renovation Services and finally Wholesaling Real Estate to frequent buyers.

We believe one of our greatest accomplishments till date is turning tenants we manage under our Property Management subsidiary into first time homebuyers.